We’ve added custom emoji for all users of our Social Space to enjoy. This post will explain what we’ve added, and how to use them.

Social Space’s Custom Emoji#

We’ve added custom emoji from a variety of sources. Below is a list of various emoji sets we’ve added, along with links to their respective websites and the category they are under in the emoji picker.

Emoji Set Category License/Attribution
Mutant Standard Mutant Standard CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
Blob Blob Apache License 2.0
Blobhaj Blobhaj CC BY-SA 4.0 International License
Blobfox Blobfox Apache License 2.0
Drgn Drgn CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
Gphn Gphn CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
Raccoon Raccoon CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
Fox Fox CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
Vlpn Vlpn Apache License 2.0
BunHD BunHD Apache License 2.0
Shiba Shiba emoji.gg Basic License

Many of the emoji will be available in the emoji picker. For emoji that are not in the picker, you can use the emoji shortcode to insert them into your posts. We’ll describe those cases below.

Mutant Standard#

We have the Mutant Standard emoji available as custom emoji. They can be found under the “Mutant Standard” category in the emoji picker. To prevent clutter and performance issues, only the base versions of emoji are included (including morph modifiers: human, claw, hoof, paw) in the emoji picker. We also have all versions with color modifiers, but they are not in the emoji picker. You can access these by using the color code suffixes, as shown in the table below.

We have also modified some of the shortcodes to better group them together within the emoji picker.

NOTE: In the table the human and paw hand morphs are used for color modifiers that only work with those specific morphs. The claw morph is used for color modifiers that work with all morphs. Also, the k2 color modifier is the default color for colorable emoji The k2 color modifier is available when the user wants to explicitly say that character is the k2 color.

Emoji Description Modifier Emoji Shortcode
:ms_hand_human: Default None :ms_hand_human:
:ms_hand_human_h5: Fitzpatrick I-II h5 :ms_hand_human_h5:
:ms_hand_human_h4: Fitzpatrick III h4 :ms_hand_human_h4:
:ms_hand_human_h3: Fitzpatrick IV h3 :ms_hand_human_h3:
:ms_hand_human_h2: Fitzpatrick V h2 :ms_hand_human_h2:
:ms_hand_human_h1: Fitzpatrick VI h1 :ms_hand_human_h1:
:ms_hand_paw: Default None :ms_hand_paw:
:ms_hand_paw_fe1: Brown (fur) fe1 :ms_hand_paw_fe1:
:ms_hand_paw_ft1: Tan (fur) ft1 :ms_hand_paw_ft1:
:ms_hand_paw_fk1: White (fur) fk1 :ms_hand_paw_fk1:
:ms_hand_claw: Default None :ms_hand_claw:
:ms_hand_claw_r1: Dark Red r1 :ms_hand_claw_r1:
:ms_hand_claw_r2: Red r2 :ms_hand_claw_r2:
:ms_hand_claw_r3: Light Red r3 :ms_hand_claw_r3:
:ms_hand_claw_d1: Dark Red-orange d1 :ms_hand_claw_d1:
:ms_hand_claw_d2: Red-orange d2 :ms_hand_claw_d2:
:ms_hand_claw_d3: Light Red-orange d3 :ms_hand_claw_d3:
:ms_hand_claw_o1: Dark Orange o1 :ms_hand_claw_o1:
:ms_hand_claw_o2: Orange o2 :ms_hand_claw_o2:
:ms_hand_claw_o3: Light Orange o3 :ms_hand_claw_o3:
:ms_hand_claw_y1: Dark Yellow y1 :ms_hand_claw_y1:
:ms_hand_claw_y2: Yellow y2 :ms_hand_claw_y2:
:ms_hand_claw_y3: Light Yellow y3 :ms_hand_claw_y3:
:ms_hand_claw_l1: Dark Yellow-green l1 :ms_hand_claw_l1:
:ms_hand_claw_l2: Yellow-green l2 :ms_hand_claw_l2:
:ms_hand_claw_l3: Light yellow-green l3 :ms_hand_claw_l3:
:ms_hand_claw_g1: Dark Green g1 :ms_hand_claw_g1:
:ms_hand_claw_g2: Green g2 :ms_hand_claw_g2:
:ms_hand_claw_g3: Light Green g3 :ms_hand_claw_g3:
:ms_hand_claw_t1: Dark Teal t1 :ms_hand_claw_t1:
:ms_hand_claw_t2: Teal t2 :ms_hand_claw_t2:
:ms_hand_claw_t3: Light Teal t3 :ms_hand_claw_t3:
:ms_hand_claw_c1: Dark Cyan c1 :ms_hand_claw_c1:
:ms_hand_claw_c2: Cyan c2 :ms_hand_claw_c2:
:ms_hand_claw_c3: Light Cyan c3 :ms_hand_claw_c3:
:ms_hand_claw_s1: Dark Sky blue s1 :ms_hand_claw_s1:
:ms_hand_claw_s2: Sky blue s2 :ms_hand_claw_s2:
:ms_hand_claw_s3: Light Sky blue s3 :ms_hand_claw_s3:
:ms_hand_claw_b1: Dark Blue b1 :ms_hand_claw_b1:
:ms_hand_claw_b2: Blue b2 :ms_hand_claw_b2:
:ms_hand_claw_b3: Light Blue b3 :ms_hand_claw_b3:
:ms_hand_claw_v1: Dark Violet v1 :ms_hand_claw_v1:
:ms_hand_claw_v2: Violet v2 :ms_hand_claw_v2:
:ms_hand_claw_v3: Light Violet v3 :ms_hand_claw_v3:
:ms_hand_claw_m1: Dark Magenta m1 :ms_hand_claw_m1:
:ms_hand_claw_m2: Magenta m2 :ms_hand_claw_m2:
:ms_hand_claw_m3: Light Magenta m3 :ms_hand_claw_m3:
:ms_hand_claw_p1: Dark Pink p1 :ms_hand_claw_p1:
:ms_hand_claw_p2: Pink p2 :ms_hand_claw_p2:
:ms_hand_claw_p3: Light Pink p3 :ms_hand_claw_p3:
:ms_hand_claw_e1: Dark Brown e1 :ms_hand_claw_e1:
:ms_hand_claw_e2: Brown e2 :ms_hand_claw_e2:
:ms_hand_claw_e3: Light Brown e3 :ms_hand_claw_e3:
:ms_hand_claw_k1: Dark Gray k1 :ms_hand_claw_k1:
:ms_hand_claw_k2: Gray k2 :ms_hand_claw_k2:
:ms_hand_claw_k3: Light Gray k3 :ms_hand_claw_k3:

Mutant Standard emoji are licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License.